Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Summer Great: Jesus Loves Us Greater Than We Know and Feel!

Jesus is someone that I accepted into My life back on January 27, 1977!   Here is the story:
 My mother was dying of cancer and my stepfather, Mr. Harley, was a nice truck driver who was committing to Mother and married her the year before.  It is an incredible love story.  He loved her and was praying with her and was hoping that she would accept Jesus and get healed of her cancer for the surgery didn't work.

 We were all quite worried and I was eight years old.  So we went to a church service and my mother thought the service was over and that healing was not for her...but then they started the service again and called her up to the stage for healing prayer!  She was prayed for and fell unconscious and they laid her down on the ground of the stage where she fell. Later, she told us that she felt the warm love of Jesus, as the healing began in her body.

Within six weeks time all of the cancerous tutors were gone and she didn't have any surgeries for ten years.  My mother learned that Jesus loved her when she didn't feel lovable or clean. She learned that Jesus would make her life shine with eternal beauty for all of her life!

We all feel this feeling of being unworthy of Jesus' love; however, Jesus loves us more than we know!  In the next few days we will discuss John 14-17 in this blog to learn how much Jesus loves us and takes care of us!  Even though I feel unworthy Jesus loves me and takes care of me all of my days!

Remember,  Jesus loves you very much and is always very faithful to you!  Dear Friend, SHINE in HIS LOVE AND YOU WILL ALWAYS BE ETERNALLY HAPPY!

God Bless You!

Pastor Ken Harley :-)

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