Friday, August 16, 2013

Do You Minister to Taxi Driver's? I will share with you some secrets to ministering to TAXI DRIVERS! Read More!

Do You Minister to Taxi Driver's?  I will share with you some secrets to ministering to TAXI DRIVERS! Read More!

If a history is ever written about JESUS IN MONGKOK, they will write about how GOD used taxi drivers to help me more than anyone in the ministry.

Then history will talk about how taxi drivers learned about JESUS loving them and then told other taxi drivers about JESUS through me and my kindness that I showed to taxi drivers.

How have taxi drivers helped JESUS IN MONGKOK? They helped me carry a piano to Mongkok and art paintings and church supplies and amplifiers and microphones and people's luggage and all kinds of things!

TAXI DRIVERS and taxis may be expensive but they were my ministry partners when no one would help me.  God LOVES Taxi drivers because they have no time to go to GOD wants us to spend a little extra money and take a ride in a taxi once in a while so we can pray and minister to taxi drivers.

Most of the time I call my taxi driver friends and they help me get a ride.  Sometimes the ride is to work. Sometimes the ride is to do some ministry.  Sometimes the ride is to go to dinner!  It doesn't matter why I ride a taxi.  However, while I ride in a taxi I can do several things to help the spiritual development of the taxi driver and the taxi, itself!

Here are three things you can do to be kind and minister to a taxi driver and his/her taxi:

1) Pray for the taxi driver silently.  Ask Holy Spirit to fill the taxi with God's Presence.  Ask JESUS to become real to the taxi driver.

2) Be kind to the tax driver.  If something comes up...tell HIM about JESUS and be willing to pray with the taxi driver.  Don't harrass the taxi driver and call them an evil sinner.

3) Make sure and give the taxi driver a nice tip (more money than asked for).  The taxi driver usually will be surprised and thank you.  After you give them a nice tip then give them a Blessing From God!


Some people will say that taxi drivers need to go to church like everyone else.  They need to stop drinking beer together in the evening and they need to get to the LORD JESUS!

If JESUS was here (AND HE IS!), JESUS would hang out with the taxi drivers and have them taxi people who were sick to HIM so HE could heal them.

Recently, I was given an opportunity to buy taxi drivers breakfast.  They would come and eat at 830am in Tung Chung at a local restaurant and I would buy them breakfast and then tell them about JESUS.  I needed a Chinese translator and everyone told me that they were too busy and the taxi drivers needed to go to church and stop being lazy. WHILE JESUS WEEPS AT OUR SELFISHNESS AND STUPIDITY!

If you don't have money for a taxi.  Ride one taxi a week and share the cost with a friend and then pray for the man in that taxi.

You will find that if you invest your money in one taxi a week that JESUS will give you more money through your job so that you can ride in taxis more often!



Pastor Ken Harley :-)

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