Friday, August 9, 2013

Summer Desire For Greatness!

Some people come into their summer holiday and they want to get away from their normal life and just relax and have fun!

Some people want to spend more time with their children and take them to the park and the beach.

Some people want to travel and see a place and be able to show their friends what they did and how they experienced the world.

Some people, like me, want to have a profound learning experience and be able to share the meaning of life.

What does the Bible say...the greatest wisdom is to love The Lord Your God with all of your heart and mind and strength.  Then we should learn the ways of The Lord.

So what about my summer desire and yours?

1) If we want to be the greatest we should follow Jesus and serve others.

2) If we have a family...we should spend our time with the wife of our youth and learn to be thankful for our daily bread.

3) We should be aware of the person on the street that leads us to sin.  Maybe that sin is shopping, maybe that sin is drinking, maybe that sin is judging others, maybe that sin is lust?

4) Instead of trying to compete with others to show how good you are or how great your family is...why don't you laugh together and pray together and have a lot of fun together with your family!

5) My God will supply allow your needs according to His Riches and Glory through Christ Jesus! Phillipians 4:19 encourages us to not worry but to work hard and allow God to supply our needs! Don't worry about losing your security.  We will always be lost without being in the shelter of the Almighty!

We desire to give great thoughts on our summer holidays...instead just love and relax with God and he will show you the way to be happy!

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